Welcome to a New Year, New Website, New Ideas

Ah, the new year. A time of celebration, resolutions, and new beginnings. What better time to dive-in and launch a new website? As with many things in life, a little motivation and a little momentum go a long way, and we had both, thanks to the success of Project 1 from both a performer and audience standpoint. 

We hope you've enjoyed seeing www.cantantiproject.org come together over the past few weeks. We have many intriguing ideas under discussion, plans in the making, and announcements to come - so visit us often for the latest news!

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey as we continue our first season of Cantanti Project. And happy 2015 to you!


Have you tried something new this year? Learned a new aria, listened to a new band, approached a problem differently, tried a kind of cuisine you never thought you'd be into? Perhaps you've launched a website of your own or taken on a new project? We want to hear what you've been up to -- please share in the comments!