Kicking off Project 2

It's been an exciting couple of weeks as we kick off Project 2! To get things rolling, we held an Artist Meet-n-Greet prior to the start of rehearsals. It was a great opportunity to put faces to names and personalities to bios, reconnect with old friends (it's a small opera world), get in a few good laughs, and discover that a significant number of us are West Coast transplants.

Rehearsals are now well-underway, and we're absolutely delighted with the level of singing and musicianship in action. The pieces on our program are complex - they require teamwork and lot of counting - and every single artist has shown up prepared and ready to work. Don't you just love rehearsals like that? We sure do.


There's something magical about putting an ensemble piece together. You finally get to sing with other voices, feel where your part fits in, and hear how it all comes together. We definitely got chills a few times, and this is only the beginning. Things are just going to get more exciting from here on out...


Hope you can make it to the show! Come experience the magic and the music for yourself on Sunday, March 22nd, when we present Project 2: Hits and Hidden Gems of Mozart & Massenet.