Magic & Mayhem Artist Interviews: Aumna Iqbal


Get to know the cast of Magic & Mayhem!

Aumna Iqbal, mezzo-soprano, will be performing Crude furie (Handel), The Worst Pies in London (Sondheim), and a scene from Purcell's Dido and Aeneas. Buy your tickets today! 

Tell us about the pieces you are performing and how they fit the theme of "Magic & Mayhem".

Crude furie is all about Serse’s rage, and a plea to the furies, falling more on the mayhem side of things. Similarly, Mrs. Lovett’s “Worst Pies in London,” is about chaos and desperation. “But ere we this perform,” from the two witches in Dido and Aeneas, is about conjuring up a magical storm, using magic to cause mayhem.

Why did you choose these pieces? 

I love singing active pieces and have a lot of chaotic or frenetic pieces in my repertoire. I’m a very energetic performer and I like the level of challenge those kinds of pieces represent, and the fact that you always have to be thinking quickly and thinking ahead.

Why it is important that this music be heard?

I think “Worst Pies” is hilarious and highly entertaining. The Handel is both incredibly precise and untethered. Everyone can relate to the feeling of being caught doing something you would rather not have anybody know about, and the fear and anger and despair and hurt of losing somebody or potentially losing somebody. The Dido is just beautiful to listen to.

Describe your dream role.

Octavian in Rosenkavalier, and my 14 year old dream job of Bombalurina in CATS. I would also love to perform Komponist again.

If you weren't an artist, what would your dream job be?

If I could make money cooking from home I’d do that, cause I love to cook. Or dessert taster. :)

Tell us something unusual or bizarre about your hometown.

Kobe Bryant is a regular at the Happy Nails by my family’s house, and I used to live in the same neighborhood as a few other Lakers.

What's on your schedule after Magic & Mayhem?

I’m doing a concert for OperaRox, working with Cantanti Project again as Orfeo in L’Euridice, and performing the Brahms Alto Rhapsody in California with the Antelope Valley Symphony.

What's one song on your playlist you can't help but dance to?

“Elle me dit” by Mika, the French version. Or anything by Mika really.

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