Magic & Mayhem Special Guest Interview: Petra Jarrar

Photo credit:  Orlando Mendiola

Photo credit: Orlando Mendiola

Meet Petra Jarrar! 

Fresh off of her summer tour with Drake Bell, Petra Jarrar will be joining us on Oct 27th for Magic & Mayhem

Describe your music in three words.

Positive! Edgy. DANCEABLE.

What drew you to creating your own music?

Music was a part of my life from an early start. I grew up as a classically trained pianist (my brother would prop me on a piano bench and teach me his piano exercises, scales and arpeggios). I always loved entertaining guests when they came over by singing and dancing for them. As I got older, I wanted to do something different than my brother. My mom noted my knack for entertainment, and bought me my first guitar when I was six. Songwriting did not come into my life until I was about twelve years old. I always loved writing, especially poetry. Most of what I wrote about dealt with being the “outcast,” and entering my coming-of-age phase. You know, typical tweenage things. One day, while sitting at the piano in the family living room, I set some words I wrote about ending a friendship to music for fun. Since that day, I never stopped setting my words to music.

What is unique about your music?

I come from a classical background, so arranging is a huge part of my music. While aiming to write songs that people can catch on to, I make sure to make each song as musically diverse as possible, and straying away from songwriter cliches and norms. I try and include harmonies and progressions that you don’t always hear in pop music, and make it mainstream.

Who, in any musical genre, do you look up to and why?

A lot of my influences are some of the leading ladies in music; Stevie Nicks, Cher, Madonna, Janis Joplin,  Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears, are just a few to name. Not only is their music amazing, but they all were unafraid to break the boundaries in the music industry. I aspire to be as powerful as them, and have music that leaves such an impression on the world.

What can opera fans find in your music that will already be familiar to them? Additionally, what do you think your fan base will enjoy about opera?

The theatrics! Opera is just as much as a visual experience as it is an auditory one. My alter ego, as my friends always, say is “Glamour Girl” (also the name of my first single….you should go check it out *wink wink*). A huge part of my show is the costumes. My mom makes every outfit I wear by hand for all my shows. I always try to execute a vibrant and emotional presence on stage, because my music tells very vivid stories. I feel as though my fans would appreciate opera for its uniqueness in delivering a story to its audience.

What do you love most about Halloween? Any favorite Halloween memories?

HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY. I plan my costumes about six months in advance and have at least two outfit changes throughout the day. One of my favorite Halloween memories was in 2014, when I dressed up as Princess Jasmine. I had people throughout the West Village coming up to me and singing “A Whole New World.” It was also my first time going to the Halloween Parade, so it was a super fun night.


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