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  • Underground Theater @Abrons Art Center 466 Grand Street New York, NY, 10002 USA (map)

Project 21

Inspired by the female-centric plot and prevalence of high voices called for by Handel’s score, our production of Teseo explores storytelling and arts creation from a female perspective. Opera is a field dominated by men in repertoire and in execution: the majority of standard repertory operas were written by men, roles for men outnumber roles for women, and men hold leadership and design roles at higher percentages than women. With this project, we will address this imbalance by engaging female-identifying artists for at least half of all roles in the cast and all positions on the creative team.

Teseo is a fitting vehicle for our approach. Though the title refers to the male character of Theseus, it is Medea - woman, mother, daughter, lover, sorceress - who drives the story. Medea’s infamy is rooted her betrayal of her family and murder of her children, but our production will allow Medea, as well as the other female characters of Teseo, to emerge from the plot as complex and multifaceted women. Through a framework that delves into the nuanced motivations and intentions of women, this project will give the characters of Teseo new life and will provide female-identifying artists a platform to shape and share their artistic voice.

Fully staged production with Baroque Ensemble at Abrons Art Center, May 11th and 12th.

Earlier Event: November 5