The things we love are worth reviving. Euridice by Caccini was published in 1600 and is the oldest surviving opera score. A telling of the myth of Orpheus and his journey to the Underworld to find his beloved Eurydice, this timeliness story reminds us of the power of music to change us, heal us, and enrich our lives.

Cast: Michael Celentano, Tom Corbeil, Lydia Dahling, Daniela DiPasquale, Brittany Fowler, Fiona Gillespie, Marques Hollie, Aumna Iqbal, Elyse Kakacek, Laura Mitchell, Joyce Yin, Sara Lin Yoder

Creative Team -

Director: Bea Goodwin
Conductor: Dylan Sauerwald
Orchestra: Dorian Baroque
Costumes: Alexandria Hoffman, Meg Glassco, Corrina Griffin, Sam Guglielmo
Production Manager: Emma Clarkson
Lighting: Michael Celentano, Emma Clarkson

Photo credit: Lucas Godlewski

Magic & Mayhem

A Brooklyn Halloween Bash at the Shapeshifter Lab! Gorgeous music from the familiar to the unusual, the darkly macabre to the lighthearted, followed by a dance party with special guest Petra Jarrar.

Featuring: Lydia Dahling, Kirsti Esch, Frank Fainer, Tara Gruskiewicz, Emily Hughes, Aumna Iqbal, Sangying Li, and Daniela di Pasquale, with pianist Maria Didur

Custom handmade masks by Claire Townsend.

Photo credit: Orlando Mendiola


When the battle is not on the battlefield...

Orlando returns from war, laden with PTSD and a longing for love and completion in all the wrong places. He awakes within the confines of a surreal mental institution, where he interacts with various patients, each struggling with their own pasts, desires, and - of course - their relationships with one another. Through drug induced manias of grandeur and moments of self destruction, our valiant soldier undergoes a different battle: one within himself.

With Dorian Baroque, conducted by Dylan Sauerwald and directed by Brittany Goodwin. Costumes by Alexandria Hoffman. Set by Jóhanna Ásgeirsdóttir.

Cast (Saturday / Sunday):
Angelica - Rachel Duval / Marisa Karchin
Dorinda - Lydia Dahling / Joyce Yin
Medoro - Laura Mitchell / Allison Gish
Orlando - Juecheng Chen / Kimberly Hann
Zoroastro - Kirsti Esch

Photos coming soon!

Her Story

A concert celebrating the stories of women, featuring music composed, commissioned, and/or with text by women. From medieval mystics and saints, to women whose husbands get most of the glory, to contemporary powerhouses, this special program gives voice to women and their lives and experiences.

Featuring: Jaimie Appleton, Angela Dixon, Mary Rose Go, Christina Kay, Alaina Logee, Heather MacLeod, and Noelle McMurtry, with pianist Bill Lewis.

Photo credit: Laura Mitchell


Strip away the supernatural powers, disguises, and enchantment, and at the heart of the story is the desire to love and be loved. 

Presented by Cantanti Project and the Washington Heights Musical Society, featuring the Dorian Baroque Orchestra.

Conducted by James Bates / Stage Direction by Antigoni Gaitana / Musical Preparation - William Lewis / Dramatic Preparation - Amanda Berry / Costuming - Kayte Zhang / Hair & Makeup - Aliya Kamenshikov / Lighting - Tyler Learned / Stage Management - Zoe Hart. 

Cast: ALCINA - Laura Mitchell / MORGANA - Joyce Yin / BRADAMANTE - Tara Gruszkiewicz / MELISSO - Grant Mech / RUGGIERO - Rachel Selan / OBERTO - Barbara Porto / ORONTE - John Villemaire / LION - Jonathan Suttmiller / Chorus - Shira Caplan, Lydia Dahling (Alcina study cover), Carolyne DalMonte (Oberto study cover), Allyson Dezii, Zoe Hart, Alaina Logee, Karin Weston

Photo credit: Samer Ghanem

Alcina in Concert

Pianist - Jennifer Peterson / Musical Preparation - William Lewis

Cast: ALCINA - Allyson Dezii / MORGANA - Shira Caplan / BRADAMANTE - Tara Gruszkiewicz / MELISSO - Grant Mech / RUGGIERO - Rachel Selan / OBERTO - Karin Weston / ORONTE - John Villemaire / Chorus - Lydia Dahling (Alcina study cover), Carolyne DalMonte (Oberto study cover), Barbara Porto

Photo credit: Laura Mitchell

Ophelia Transformed

Seduction. Obedience. Love. Deception. Manipulation. Madness. 

Music of Berlioz, Brahms, Heggie, Mozart, Musto, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, and Thomas, and readings from Shakespeare's Hamlet

Photo credit: Samer Ghanem

Women in Song

Noelle McMurtry presents her recital 'The Little Ghost'; Veronica Gonzales presents 'I Saw My Lady Weep' in our first Recital of the season. Accompanied by Chris Baum on lute/vihuela and Joseph Yungen, piano.

Photo credit: Laura Mitchell

Friends and Foes

Photo credit: Samer Ghanem

Hits and Hidden Gems of Mozart & Massenet

Photo Credit: Liang Pan

A Strauss Celebration: 150 Years

Photo Credit: Liang Pan