Her Story

A concert celebrating the stories of women, featuring music composed, commissioned, and/or with text by women. From medieval mystics and saints, to women whose husbands get most of the glory, to contemporary powerhouses, this special program gives voice to women and their lives and experiences.


Strip away the supernatural powers, disguises, and enchantment, and at the heart of the story is the desire to love and be loved. 

Presented by Cantanti Project and the Washington Heights Musical Society, featuring the Dorian Baroque Orchestra.

Conducted by James Bates / Stage Direction by Antigoni Gaitana / Musical Preparation - William Lewis / Dramatic Preparation - Amanda Berry / Costuming - Kayte Zhang / Hair & Makeup - Aliya Kamenshikov / Lighting - Tyler Learned / Stage Management - Zoe Hart. 

Cast: ALCINA - Laura Mitchell / MORGANA - Joyce Yin / BRADAMANTE - Tara Gruszkiewicz / MELISSO - Grant Mech / RUGGIERO - Rachel Selan / OBERTO - Barbara Porto / ORONTE - John Villemaire / LION - Jonathan Suttmiller / Chorus - Shira Caplan, Lydia Dahling (Alcina study cover), Carolyne DalMonte (Oberto study cover), Allyson Dezii, Zoe Hart, Alaina Logee, Karin Weston

Alcina in Concert

Pianist - Jennifer Peterson / Musical Preparation - William Lewis

Cast: ALCINA - Allyson Dezii / MORGANA - Shira Caplan / BRADAMANTE - Tara Gruszkiewicz / MELISSO - Grant Mech / RUGGIERO - Rachel Selan / OBERTO - Karin Weston / ORONTE - John Villemaire / Chorus - Lydia Dahling (Alcina study cover), Carolyne DalMonte (Oberto study cover), Barbara Porto

Ophelia Transformed

Seduction. Obedience. Love. Deception. Manipulation. Madness. 

Music of Berlioz, Brahms, Heggie, Mozart, Musto, Schubert, Schumann, Strauss, and Thomas, and readings from Shakespeare's Hamlet

Women in Song

Noelle McMurtry presents her recital 'The Little Ghost'; Veronica Gonzales presents 'I Saw My Lady Weep' in our first Recital of the season. Accompanied by Chris Baum on lute/vihuela and Joseph Yungen, piano.

Friends and Foes

Hits and Hidden Gems of Mozart & Massenet

A Strauss Celebration: 150 Years