Who we are

Cantanti Project LLC is a non-profit arts organization based in Manhattan. We aim to honor the traditions of classical music while redefining what it means to be a classical artist today. MEET THE TEAM →

Our mission

To support the development of emerging artists and foster collaboration. 

What's in a name

Cantanti is Italian for "singers" (Italian being a staple language of any classical singer). At our core, we are an arts organization of singers, for singers.

What we do

We create opportunities for artists to learn and grow, both on stage and off. We do this through three distinct avenues:

Performance Projects: We produce performance projects in four formats, each with its own emphasis: Concert Projects, Recital Projects, Opera Projects, and Contemporary Projects. LEARN MORE →

Development Programs: We offer events and services to support professional growth in areas other than performing. LEARN MORE →

Network and Community: In addition to focusing of individual artists, we also seek to strengthen singers collectively by fostering connections socially and professionally.

We experiment and take challenges by programming intriguing music and pushing our singers artistically. 

What sets us apart

We are singer-propelled. We believe singers are responsible for actively participating and creating as musicians, educators, innovators, and collaborators - to be singers who are more than "just singers."

Join Us

Join us in our mission by becoming a CantantiPATRON. It is easy and secure to make a tax-deductible donation through our 501 (c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Fractured Atlas. LEARN MORE →

We'd also love for you to join us behind the scenes or on stage!