Liz Bouk


Liz Bouk is a transgender man, living his life as a man in a female body. Pants roles afford Liz the opportunity to express his inner truth with his “silky mezzo” (New York Times): as Octavian, Komponist, Orlovsky, and now as Tristan Tzara! Liz is equally drawn to -and has won acclaim for- roles featuring women driven to extremes, from Lucretia to Carmen. Opera News praised Liz’s “impressive firmly-grounded contralto” as the cast-aside but merciful wife, Augusta Tabor, in Utopia Opera’s The Ballad of Baby Doe. He recently brought to life Fosca, a woman trapped by circumstances, society, gender, and her physical appearance, in Sondheim’s Passion. Liz has been featured in new works with Gramercy Opera, The Society for New Music, Anonymous Ensemble, and The Center for Contemporary Opera. With OperaRox Productions this August he will create the agender role of Eusebuis in Ghost Variations with music by Tony Manfredonia and libretto by Aiden Kim Feltkamp.