Laura Mitchell

Core Artist, Co-Founder & Operations Director

Laura Mitchell is a California-grown soprano with a background in IT Project Management and a more-than-passing interest in Astronomy! When she moved to NYC and began auditioning seriously, she couldn't help but notice (and who doesn't):

"... how little anyone cares about the actual singers that are auditioning. They charge you for the audition and for the pianist, give you no feedback, and never talk to you again. If you do get the gig, you get paid nothing, and usually get next-to-nothing out of it except a line item on your resume."

Her personal mission as an administrator of an arts organization is to create a space that celebrates the singer as much as the company; to create a space where singer’s opinions matter, where their voices are heard on more than just the stage, and where they can learn to make their own decisions as musicians instead of playing second fiddle to a coach or director; to create an organization that offers tangible deliverables to its singers in the form of recordings, photos, a network of colleagues, and more.

Laura did her undergraduate degree at University of California, San Diego (B.A. Voice, minor Math) and her Artist Diploma at CCM (Opera). Over the years, she has worked with companies in San Diego, Sarasota, Virginia, Germany, Croatia, New York, Ohio, and others.